Track 18

from by Nikkita

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This was a mediocre landing at best.
The escape capsule scorched at least 60 feet of the beach, before coming to a halt, grinded down by the rocky shore in a cacophony of screeching noises and bursts of unexplained fires.
Only after a few minutes of burning and screaming, I've managed to twist the hatch open and crawl out.
Darkness. The sand rustled beneath my hands.
They will come soon. They must have detected my fall! According to the manual, this was a clean, well-colonized world.
I tore off my blackened helmet and inhaled the semi-fresh sea air, preparing myself for a sight of the marvelous civilization before me.
As my eyes adjusted to the blinding sun, I’ve almost screamed in fear.

A colossal structure, entrenched somewhere between sand and water loomed over me, stretched to the horizon... as if ready to swallow me up, in its metallic fury.
The wind whooshed between its teeth, catching on to the metallic beams, swaying and snapping cables, as if playing a giant, broken violin.
Thousands of birds, fluttered over the rusting bones of the mechanical monster.
Their cries reverberated in the distance.
More dead monoliths, rising up above the swirling, mist covered mountains.
A scrap yard of civilization.
What the hell happened to them?!

As the sun started to fade into the horizon, I was quickly beginning to loose hope…


from Gravity Storm, released March 22, 2016




Nikkita Montreal, Québec

Hey guys! I make/write vocals for some hardstyle and hardcore artists here and there. I love what I do, so hopefully you can find some inspiration from this.

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