Track 24

from by Nikkita

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My brain shut down again today.
The gray synapses snapped, misfiring, leading me astray.
I had forgotten where I was going or why.
I was lost and alone amidst nowhere.
As I looked up, the buildings swayed in my eyes, encircling me in their psychotic dance. Was their dance real or a creation of my mind, much like the city around it, in ruin?
Smoke and shadows played tricks on my eyes.
It was as if the dark clouds formed a black hole in the center of the sky, eating away the earth, piece by piece. Twisted and torn metal, broken and cracked stone, shattered and snapped overhead in a rocking avalanche, that was slowly coming down, constantly rambling overhead.
Up was down and down was up.
To the vision of a broken mind, the world is a playground, full of things to confuse and betray its frail existence. I must have been walking for hours...
It was nearly dark as I entered the ruins of once metropolical center. No breath or whisper, but my own. Only the crackling, blazing skies, as if legions of hell themselves marched from the earth towards the heavens, fiery ash fluttering down from their feet.
Walking over the shards of blades, where have we gone so blind?
There are no nations now.
There are no wars.
There are no languages, but thoughts.
Simplest urges and desires.
They were advancing.
I shouldn’t be here.
Wake up, wake up.


from Gravity Storm, released March 22, 2016




Nikkita Montreal, Québec

Hey guys! I make/write vocals for some hardstyle and hardcore artists here and there. I love what I do, so hopefully you can find some inspiration from this.

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